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Procrastination and other things….

Now that I realize that I forgot to create a new post yesterday, I think it’s a good time to discuss procrastination. I seem to naturally gravitate to the things I would rather do instead of those things I don’t … Continue reading

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Goodbye Alltel, Hello Virgin Mobile

After years of service, I started really getting frusterated with Alltel. Because broadband isn’t available where I live, I have had to resort to a wifi card. Because I am on a budget, I decided to hold off on the … Continue reading

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Publishing Old Letters…

When my mother died, I inherited my grandmother’s World War II letters. When I finally got around to reading them, I was absolutely enthralled. I have since scanned them and transcribed them. I plan on compiling them into a memoir. … Continue reading

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In Retrospect

Lately I have been looking at old albums. I thought this was a personal thing and would bore everyone else until my friend came to look at them with me. We spent the evening remeniscing those good old days, and … Continue reading

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My Mind Wanders…

On a bleak winter day, my mind seems to turn to the less positive events I have had to deal with in the past. I wonder what makes less scrupulous people tick… I wonder how they can be the way … Continue reading

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Recycle Undonatable Clothes Into Braided Rugs

My daughters and I often have to get rid clothes we don’t feel are good enough to donate. They are of the caliber that wouldn’t sell at a garage sale for free – stains and holes. We have since found … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!!!

I plan on posting every day (or as often as technically possible) for WordPress’ Postaday. I hope I can manage posting every day, if not, I will be very satisfied with almost every day! About me, I live in Mason … Continue reading

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