Recycle Undonatable Clothes Into Braided Rugs

My daughters and I often have to get rid clothes we don’t feel are good enough to donate. They are of the caliber that wouldn’t sell at a garage sale for free – stains and holes. We have since found a wonderful use for these unwanted clothing articles. We are turning them into braided rugs. We simply cut the clothes into strips, and begin to braid. When we run out of fabric, we sew another length to the strip and keep on braiding. Once we get a long length of braided “rope” we begin to create a circle and sew it together. If you’re clever, you can blend the colors of fabric. We even use old denim, and so far it has been pretty durable. Plus, their is something therapuetic about slicing up those “skinny” jeans that don’t fit anymore or that pastel pink shirt with the ketchup stain that will never come out!

I hope to add a fews pics and maybe a tutorial soon!

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