Some of my Favorite Toys

To quote Gollum, “My Precious!” That is how I felt about some of my childhood favorite toys. I recall my treehouse family of Weebles, my Fisher Price wind up music box that played “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” as much as I could wind it. I remember the happy little paper faces that glided past the window with the music and just feeling such bliss. I wonder with all the modern marvels that we have, does any child feel like I did when my mother got that toy for me? Who knows! I just wish I had those toys right now because if I did I would hoard them. In fact, if given the opportunity you may see me on A&E with the largest storage of Lincoln Logs, Tinker-toys, Weebles, and Matchbox Cars anyone ever seen. Someone would be doing an intervention, that’s all I am saying….

Because my family didn’t have enough money to buy as many Tinker-toys and Lincoln Logs to create the mansion and tower I wanted, I became acquainted with four other wonders:

– Play-Doh: Looked good, smelled good, did it taste good? Not so much, it was salty!
– Silly Putty: Awesome! I could smoosh it on the Sunday Funnies and pick up images! Unfortunately that little flesh colored ball would turn grey if I did it too often!
– The Slinky: Great to go down Grandma’s Stairs!
– Mad Magazine: Yup literature for the rest of us by the usual gang of idiots! Long live Alfred E. Nueman! Of course, I could only afford one at a time. Now I go to Barnes and Noble to get my fix!

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