My Mind Wanders…

On a bleak winter day, my mind seems to turn to the less positive events I have had to deal with in the past. I wonder what makes less scrupulous people tick… I wonder how they can be the way they are… how can they do what they do every day… then I hit the mute button on these thoughts because they cause me no good. For me, this is a good time to shift gears.

How do I do this? As strange as it sounds, looking at art is a tremendous relief for me. I usually go to google images and do a search for Impressionist Art and I am never unhappy. If there is an art work that is really satisfying to me, I go search the Internet to learn more about the artist. I then meditate that these individuals may not be alive any more, but they left so much beauty behind. Artists in time have had personal struggles and heartache just like me — but they somehow managed to transform the sadness and anger into beauty.

By the time I am done meditating I realize… the longer I worry about the schmucks of the world, the less time I have to achieve my goals. For me, this is less time I have as an artist to leave something for another to contemplate after I am gone. For you parents out there, the more time you worry about those annoying people you know, that’s another beautiful moment you could have had with your children.

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