In Retrospect

Lately I have been looking at old albums. I thought this was a personal thing and would bore everyone else until my friend came to look at them with me. We spent the evening remeniscing those good old days, and talking about family history. We have been friends for almost thirty years, so we are pretty much family. In my case, she is more than family and that’s a good thing. These days, I think I am pretty polished and I kind of don’t understand that confused, goofy kid I used to be. I often go into these scenarios where I say to myself “If I could go back in time I would totally not worry about sitting alone at lunch” or “If I could go back in time I would have turned ___ down for the prom and the ___ other years we wasted together.”

We all imagine being the coolest, smartest kid around, and with our adult knowledge to take back in time, we could surely get this accomplished. But I am not so sure it matters anymore. The family members and friends that let me down in my life did me a favor. They made me a more durable person, and they continue to serve as a great example of what not to be!

As my friend and I talked these things over, I realized that if I had to go through an awkward childhood and wade through fair weather friends to find one jewel like her, the journey was worth it! They say you are lucky to find one true friend in your entire lifetime. This certainly is true for I am blessed with a wonderful friend. But life has been more generous to me, because I have made other true friends. When it comes to friends, I feel that I hit the jackpot.

So there we are gazing at these old photos, shades of myself with my friend posing in pictures from another decade. However, our story is still being written…

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