Procrastination and other things….

Now that I realize that I forgot to create a new post yesterday, I think it’s a good time to discuss procrastination. I seem to naturally gravitate to the things I would rather do instead of those things I don’t want to do. Is this a bad thing? Sometimes I am not so sure.

Case in point: this year I had a project to do (I am self employed), but I was really discouraged because the client doesn’t pay on time, and recentally tried to pay less. Naturally, I am not all fired up to work on their project. Basically, the project has been sitting there for a couple months with no action on my part.

Is this a bad thing? Maybe. Perhaps by doing my work they would treat me better. However, I feel that life is short and my time is money so I have put the project on the back burner. What did I do instead? What I have always wanted to do. Work on my personal creative projects.

Did I make any money? Not yet, and I have had to cut corners as a result. I have had more time with my daughters and I am doing what I love. But, the happiness I feel at having control over my life? Priceless.

My formula for putting a dollar sign on your time/peace of mind:

You may ask, how do I put a dollar sign on these things?

c = Compenation for Completion
e = Expenses
h = Hrs. of Stress (hours you would lose worrying or dealing with setbacks) x what you are worth per hour. I feel at my experience level I am worth $22 per hour.
r = Total Rewards

c – e – (22h) = r

If you find yourself in the negative, maybe it’s time to replan, reorganize or just say no.

If the total rewards aren’t what you were hoping to get, perhaps you have better re-evaluate or work on something else. Even if you aren’t ready to cut any corners or can’t, it will help you get into better situations that help to pay your bills. When I talk about the value you will receive, I am speaking in strictly monetary terms, not “good feelings” etc. because they don’t pay the bills. If you have the time and money to spare, then you are fortunate! This is just meant as a way for a self employed person to guage whether they should work with clients that may not be worth the investment of time.

The value of the compensation has to be as guaranteed as possible. In my field, some clients feel this is a gray area. This equals valuable time lost. Sometimes I feel that learning value aside, working on a project with no pay is much worse than playing a game with the kids. So make sure there is an agreement in place to get payment for your work, regardless if it’s writing, design, programming, etc.

Personally, I am displeased with the returns on my work. I am back in school and working on my Masters. I want to be paid what I am worth, not what I have to settle with. So I am investing in my education and hoping it works out. In the meantime I am working on getting a book published and doing some painting. I may not make much or any money but I feel good 🙂

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